Initially this post was going to be titled “Some regrets on my travels” for several reasons:

  1. Titles like that seem to get more click throughs
  2. I had some regrets I wanted to share

But as I logged on this morning and did my daily do (includes having an epic battle in my mind to practice yoga and meditate, and then finally succumbing to coffee – I know, bad bad girl), I was led to Julie’s latest blog post ‘On putting down the camera‘. Her post captured quite accurately on what I had initially felt to be one of my regrets while travelling (and what I was going to blog about):

Not taking enough photos.

On the morning of 4 June 2015 two hours before my flight, I made the hasty decision of leaving behind my ‘big’ camera. My ‘big’ camera meaning my DSLR with x amount of Gb of storage space and memory cards, soft shell case, blablabla. On impulse, I thought – fuck it, it’s too big, I’m not a pro photographer anyway and I don’t want to worry about something else that may get lost or stolen.

Snapping travel photos (with no regrest) with my iPhone - Michelle Was Here

I had my iPhone and it had a pretty good camera. It fits in my bag and it was more than I needed. In the end, I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would.

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Most times when I pulled my phone out of my bag to take a photo, something would stop me. Something would make me feel like I should be experiencing the moment instead of worrying about getting the right shot for Facebook and/or Instagram that will make me look like I’m having an awesome time. Truth be told, there were several times I felt lonely, flat and annoyed (probably because I was hungry) but heaven forbid that the world should know about that because I’m on an awesome adventure!

What started out as perceived regret actually turned out to be a lesson in being present – I guess not taking enough photos isn’t a regret at all! I may not have a lot of photos of my travels but I have a collection of memories and emotions that will probably stay with me for life.

Do you have any travel regret stories to share? 

3 thoughts on “Any regrets on your travels?”

  1. Hi Michelle – thanks for the reference! It’s great to know someone is reading – it really gave me a boost this morning to be referenced in your post. I think we have to travel for ourselves and not just for photos to prove anything to anyone else. Of course it’s great to have photos but it’s not what travelling should be about in my opinion. You clearly have great memories and have reflected on them so it doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. I am always torn on a similar front – to take my tripod or not. I could never not take my camera, it is my most recent passion and love taking as many photos as possible. The difference is with my tripod(and multiple lenses) I found if I carry those items my trip turns from explorative to observative. That extra weight can hold me back in multiple ways. Recently I’ve been deciding prior what kind of trip I will have. So far when I make a decision I haven’t regretted it!

    1. A little part of me is sad for not having brought my camera but oh well, next time! I have been thinking of getting a smaller powerful one though. And a tripod is a fantastic idea!

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