Just several months ago, South Australia was listed as one of the top five must-see regions in the world for 2017 by Lonely Planet. It was categorised as 2017’s Best of Travel and is the only Australian destination to be named.

If Australia is next on your travel list for 2017 and your travel plans are already centered around Brisbane and/or Melbourne, that’s awesome because here are several reasons why you probably wouldn’t want to include South Australia on your destination list.

1. You hate farmer markets with fresh produce.

Holland Street market, Adelaide - Michelle Was Here
Holland Street market, Adelaide city

2. You’re not a fan of views like this.

Morialta Park, Woodforde
Third Falls

3. Or this.

Canola fields, Barossa - Michelle Was Here
Canola fields, Barossa Valley

4. You can’t stand the taste of wine.

Yummy wine - Michelle Was Here
Yummy wine

4. And you don’t care where they came from either:

Gemtree Cellar Door, McLaren Vale - Michelle Was Here Maker of biodynamic wine,
Gemtree Cellar Door, McLaren Vale

5. South Australians have questionable cars vehicles.

Christmas Pageant float, Adelaide
Christmas Pageant float, Adelaide

6. South Australia’s beaches are the worst.

Port Willunga, South Australia
Star of Greece, Port Willunga, South Australia

7. The. Worst.

Henley Beach, South Australia
Henley Beach, South Australia

8. Winter is just as bad.

Pop-up Winter Alpine Village, Adelaide city - Michelle Was Here
Pop-up Winter Alpine Village, Adelaide city

9. And sometimes strange wild animals appear from nowhere on the road.

Wild koala, Mount Lofty, Adelaide Hills, South Australia - Michelle Was Here
Wild koala, Mount Lofty, Adelaide Hills

10. You get views like this just five hours away.

Flinders Ranges - Michelle Was Here
Flinders Ranges – 5.5 hours north of the city


If you made it this far, this post was obviously tongue-in-cheek (in case you didn’t realise). South Australia is incredibly affordable to visit and worth every cent.

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5 thoughts on “Why South Australia shouldn’t be next on your travel list”

  1. Ahh vineyards and wine with beautiful scenery, I want to go there! Now I have to convince my husband to include this in our ever growing bucket list.

  2. Love the idea of this post. You sure made it intriguing 🙂 South Australia looks amazing in your pictures and I would definitely love to see many more amazing pictures to convince me not to go there 😉

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