Twelve Apostles, Victoria Australia 2011

But some call me Chee, or Mishy. I’ve also been known as hantu or tikus; both of which I still don’t understand why. Writing bios that are captivating and funny is hard work especially when you’re a modest woman packed with talent. But being committed to trying something at least once, here’s my story.

Just like Alice (of Wonderland), I have changed countless times since I got up.

‘I wonder if I’ve changed in the night? Let me think; was I the same when I got up this morning?’  – Alice

On the Coney Island boardwalk, New York 2015 - Michelle Was Here
On the Coney Island boardwalk, New York 2015

I was fortunate as a child to have been to many different parts of the world. I didn’t realise it then but those experiences have shaped the woman I am today. My parents strived to provide my brother and I the best in life and that included lessons that couldn’t be learnt in the confine of a classroom (and archaic/ narrow education systems).

Taronga Zoo, Sydney - 1987
My brother and I at Taronga Zoo, Sydney 1987

By the time I finished high school, I had visited the largest worm farm in Australia, learned Cantonese in Hong Kong, giggled at Glowworms at Waitomo Caves, skied in Whakapapa, got humbled at the Colosseum then scared at the Roman Catacombs, tasted the best roast duck rice in London then watched the first snow fall (in many years) in London, and got my scuba license off the east coast of Malaysia.

My brother, a walking encyclopaedia became my very own tour guide/ internet (hah!). He told me stories of old and folklore, and taught me that knowledge helps put meaning to experiences. Travelling is more than seeing and doing, it’s also about understanding, learning and connecting.


Today I am fortunate to still be able to travel. Flights are more affordable than ever and the internet has put knowledge at our finger tips (and at the mercy of free wifi). So many places and faces to meet and get to know in just one lifetime.

I currently still work the 9-5 job and like many others, dream of making my dream a reality. It’s inspiring to read about those who have made that leap of faith and to know that in the end, all will be alright. Right?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2007 - Michelle Was Here
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2007

2017 will the year of Asia. I intend to visit and experience as many places in Asia possible in the next year, especially:

  • East Malaysia (Borneo)
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Southern China
  • Myanmar
  • Islands of Thailand

If you would like to work or connect with me as I travel to these countries, please get in touch! I’m always available for a chat, bounce ideas or receive an assignment.