Katase-Enoshima Station

Day trip from Tokyo: Enoshima and Kamakura (Part 1)

The Enoshima/ Kamakura destinations make for a popular day trip for many travellers, local and international. With its well connected train lines, these day trips out of Tokyo are incredibly simple and quick. Enoshima and Kamakura are beautiful towns and give a polarising glimpse to another side of the busy Japan most of us know. For…

Mysore, India - Michelle Was Here

City Guide: Mysore, Karnataka, India

A town just 150kms south of Bangalore, Mysore is known as being the place to go if you want to expand or deepen your yoga knowledge. Year after year, yoga practitioners make the “pilgrimage” to Mysore for a month/s long practice with their respective gurus. However, Mysore offers so much more than just the yoga experience. In 2015,…

How to spend 3 days in Penang, Malaysia

On my recent trip home to Kuala Lumpur, a girlfriend and I decided to take a 3 days trip up north to the beautiful island of Penang. If you’ve never been to Penang, you really should! It’s a beautiful little island full of rich history. It’s also world-famous for its unique cuisine. So famous that…

Getting back to home life

Every traveller will tell you – it’s hard to get back into the swing of things.

I was lucky. I planned to have ample buffer time for assimilation and it has worked out great. Although being too idle has some disadvantages. But of course, the idea here is not to be idle and instead gradually build up momentum to sort of… be as you were (*shudder).

Any regrets on your travels?

On the morning of 4 June 2015 two hours before my flight, I made the hasty decision of leaving behind my ‘big’ camera. My ‘big’ camera meaning my DSLR with x amount of Gb of storage space and memory cards, soft shell case, blablabla. On impulse, I thought – fuck it, it’s too big, I’m not a pro photographer anyway and I don’t want to worry about something else that may get lost or stolen.